Exit Room Game in Stockholm

Exit Games Stockholm is an live escape room live game in Stockholm with 3 locations and 5 missions. Both are great team building entertainment centers, where your team (2-6 people) can have the real chance to try and test your own logical boundaries. Specially equipped locations are set up for players where lockers, fences, and other interesting puzzles will try to stop you from reaching final goals. Lots of critical situations to solve, interdependent tasks to complete, limited time and your tight team! Truly develops creative thinking, social and communication skills!
But always remember: only teamwork pays out…
1 The Collector - Södermalm booknow2
In the deepest catacombs, behind locked metal bars and without any hope to survive. You are just in line to become a part of a human collection. But a phone call interrupts the process and the ”Collector” just disappears to his office. Suddenly your team might have chance to escape or is this also just a game for him after all. It is you against HIM. Your team must collaborate to escape and please, dont waste any blood – every drop counts in the end!
2 Mission undercover - Södermalmbooknow2 During the cold war CCCP established a secret military spybase right in the middle of Stockholm. The base was the center for contra spionage with food and water to survive for many years. The base has now been discovered and a team has been sent there for termination. Mission Undercover - you and your well-equipped team shall sneak all the way into the heart of the base and adapt the explosives. Maybe you will also escape out before the bomb explodes, maybe not...Put all your creativeness together and use the adrenalin to accomplish the mission – and survive!
3 Valhalla - Gamla Stanbooknow2
The great viking Grimulv and his brave troop found themselves in a tomb after death in a battle. The tomb is dark, narrow and quiet – it is really boring. There is a way out - find the way to Valhalla, achieve eternal life and party forever! But there is also a downside route: if you fail - the evil god Hel will take you to hell instead. Group your team, put your minds together and be creative! During the adventure you will also get familiar with the ancient Scandinavian heritage! You will find out how to meet all these heroic Gods!
4 Crazy Grandma! - Gamla Stanbooknow2
This day started as all the others for the mother of three... ...She went shopping, but suddenly disappeared. 20 years of constant search now seems to pay off, weak life signals are provided from the lost woman. She has been kidnapped and the kidnappers just went for some food. Activate your team and find grandma in less than 60 minutes, just before the dangerous kidnapper gang returns! Grandma has put up lots of hints for you to follow, both logical and unlogical. Sometimes you might wonder if she wants to be found at all. Can you make it or do you fail?
5 THE CELL - Gamla Stanbooknow2
You and your best friend have just been put into jail, in a very small cell. It is like the worst nightmare you ever had and you wish to wake up soon – but you are already awake. And it gets even worse when you realize that the world outside the cell is suffering from nuclear decease due to the war so how to protect yourself even if you escape from the cell. This is really a precaurius situation and all your questions do not have clear answers. Is this the final stage of your life or is there a way out? First of all, you better keep your good relations with your friend - you will never get out alone that is for sure. Secondly, you must use the entire capacity of your brain otherwise you will loose your brain – literally. And finally, do not believe everything you see or hear. Things might change over time.Welcome to The Cell!